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When Religion Is an Addiction

A new, eye-opening investigation and pull-no-punches exposé

"The high of righteousness is the same as the high of cocaine," says popular psychological speaker Dr. John Bradshaw. Dr. Minor examines how a large portion of the right-wing uses religion the way an addict uses their addiction, including its obsession with politics today as its new high. "Election nights of the religious right-wing have become like New Years Eve for the alcoholic." He examines the often-found relationship between sexual and religious addiction, shows how liberals have been enablers, and recommends new strategies to respond to religious addicts. The religious right-wing in the US is on a bender and its latest fix is politics.

Therapist, author, and addiction specialist Fred Schloemer, Ed.D, LCSW, writes: "This is strong and alarming stuff indeed, but Minor makes his case so cogently that it is hard to argue otherwise. Fortunately, he leaves us with some hope.... His thinking is brilliant, and his clear, fluid prose a pleasure to digest."

Robert N. Minor, Ph.D. is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Kansas and a popular speaker and workshop leader. This is his eighth book.

Table of Contents

Introduction ... 1
Chapter One: Religion Never Does Anything .... 11
Chapter Two: Will We Call It Addiction? .... 25
Chapter Three: The “High” of Righteousness ... 43
Chapter Four: It’s All God’s Fault ... 59
Chapter Five: Not So Strange Bedfellows — Sexual and Religious Addiction ... 77
Chapter Six: Finding a Stronger Fix ... 93
Chapter Seven: When Liberals Are Enablers ... 111
Chapter Eight: Toward an Intervention ... 129
Further Reading ... 155

HumanityWorks!, 2007, paperback. Retail: $14.95


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