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The Fairness Project Series

"Practical ideas that break out of self-victimizing activist patterns"

A growing series of booklets by Dr. Minor on current issues crucial to the next stage of progress in the work of achieving fairness for all people. Meant to provide new and insightful perspectives in areas of liberation work where we often become stuck, these durable, eight-page booklets are practical guides to healthy activism.

#1 "When You're Having a Religious Argument" — An effective, simple, response to religious arguments which is clear about personal goals, recognizes key dynamics of religion and religious arguments often overlooked, and recommends responses for moving behind the religious arguments to the real issues. All without getting caught up in arguing religion, scriptures, or tradition. New 3rd edition.

#2 "Burnout, Blowout and Breaking Up: Navigating the Hazards of Activist Leadership" — Practical principles for a model of leadership intended to provide what progressive movements need and to ensure personal growth in those who choose to be leaders. Based in Dr. Minor's workshops on healthy activism, his "healing" model breaks the patterns of the usual leadership ideals which arise out of profit-oriented institutions that don't seek deep-rooted, progressive change. New 2nd edition.

#3 "Case Closed! Responding to Psychological Arguments Against Gay People" — Practical strategies to respond to anti-gay arguments which use psychology and promote "reparative therapy" or "conversion therapy" to change people's orientations. Dr. Minor recommends how not to get caught up in psychological arguments and how to get down to the real issues. With all of its potential to liberate people from ignorance and prejudice, science like religion has been used to oppress people as well as to liberate them. New 3rd edition.

#4 "Help, I'm a Parent! Fully Human Parents Raising Fully Human Children" — One of the most common questions Dr. Minor receives in his workshops and classes is how parents can raise their children to counter the destructive limitations of masculine and feminine gender roles. Dr. Minor recommends practical, get to the point, strategies of thought and action that parents can use to rethink their parental role and allow their children to grow up with models of what it is to be fully human. New 3rd edition

#5 "Homophobia: A Diagnosis and Cure" — Building on the perspective he explained in Scared Straight, Dr. Minor sets forth concise, practical ways of thinking about homophobia as a central element of cultural conditioning crucial to our gender roles and how to dismantle it personally and societally. Especially important are recommendations about how not to be distracted into side issues and to get down to, and heal, the core problem that hurts everyone, gay or straight. New 2nd edition

Booklets are available at Dr. Minor's seminars. Otherwise they list at $2.50 each.

Order booklets online.

For larger prepaid bulk orders of any combination, order from The Fairness Project . They are 15-24 for US $1.75 each, 25-199 for US $1.50 each, 200 or more for US $1.30 each, postage paid. Orders must be prepaid.

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