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Since 1998, Bob Minor has written a unique, popular, and highly acclaimed monthly column entitled "Minor Details," which discusses a wide variety of issues (political, social, cultural, personal, relationships) related to LGBT people and their communities and especially how we ourselves respond to the issues.

"Minor Details" appears initially since November 1998 in Liberty Press (the long-standing LGBT magazine for the state of Kansas) and also in LGBT Today (a national LGBT newsmagazine) and on MSNBC's Newsvine. It is reprinted around the nation on-line and in other publications such as Iowa's Accessline , Northern Arizona's One of Us, New Mexico's Pride & Equality and national webmagizines Whosoever and Menstuff.

Beginning in July 2004, Dr. Minor began writing a column entitled "Living Out Here" for the new Camp, a monthly newsmagazine for Kansas City which he has since discontinued.

In June 2008 he began a new column on dating, relationships, and romance for Baby Boomers for the popular website:

He has begun a new "Occasional Series" of columns published around the country entitled "How to Wreck a Relationship."

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Many past columns are archived and available on-line:

Recently from LGBT-Today ("On-line Magazine for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender People"):

"What Now? Part Two: It's Not Either/Or, So Let's Face Race and Everything" — December 23, 2016

"What Now? Part One: Get Over Appearing Elitist" — November 23, 2016

"When We Still Excuse This Stuff as 'Locker Room Talk'" — October 12, 2016

"What Must a Woman Go Through to Become US President?" — September 22, 2016

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From MSNBC's Newsvine:

"June Is LGBTQ Pride Month & It's the Pride Part that Still Drives Them Nuts" — June 1, 2017

"More Collateral Damage Is Just the Price of Making America Macho Again" — April 18, 2016

"Translating Right-Wing Attempts to Trigger Liberal Guilt" — March 19, 2017

"What Now?" Part Four: Are You Personally Prepared for this Fight?— February 21, 2017

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From MENSTUFF (the premier men's issues website):

"Translating Right-Wing Attempts to Trigger Liberal Guilt" — April 1, 2017

"What Now? Part Four: Are You Personally Prepared For This Fight?" — March 1, 2017

"What Now? Part Three: It's Not About Reasoning with the Right-WIng" — February 1, 2017

"What Now? Part Two: It's Not Either/Or, So Let's Face Race and Everything" — January 1, 2017

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From Whosoever ("On-line Magazine for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Christians"):

"Here Comes More of the Persecution Complex" — November, 2014

"War Is the Force that Gives Masculinity Meaning" — October, 2014

"America's Religiosity: A Gut Check of Its Christianities" — August, 2014

"We Still Don't Know What Causes Heterosexuality" — August, 2014

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Recently from 50PlusPrime on relationships, romance, and dating for Baby Boomers:

"Right Now, Practice Giving Yourself Permission to Not Win an Argument" February 19, 2017

"We Don't Need a New Year to Take Back Our Lives" December 29, 2016

"What Is Sex For, Anyway?" — November 22, 2016

"What If We Don't Agree Politically?" — October 27, 2016

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Minor Details

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