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A 2002 Lambda Literary Award Finalist

A 2002 Independent Publisher
Book Award


Named "Book of the Week" by www.mensfuff.org for July 23-29, 2001

In Fall 2002, Dr. Minor's Scared Straight: Why It's So Hard to Accept Gay People and Why It's So Hard to Be Human was chosen by local Barnes and Noble Booksellers to be included in the "Close the Book on HATE. Open Your Mind and READ" initiative. The promotion was to highlight books which promoted understanding in the world, particularly of groups that have suffered in the past from misunderstanding and discrimination.

Recommended for teachers by Teaching Tolerance magazine from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Minor's Scared Straight is a breath of fresh air in our often smog-filled arguments about sexuality. Nobody is let off the hook. Everyone stands to gain new clarity and, one hopes, generosity of spirit. The only reader who won't benefit from this book is the one who is determined in advance not to."
-- L. William Countryman, Sherman E. Johnson Professor in Biblical Studies, The Church Divinity School of the Pacific and the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, author of Dirt, Greed, and Sex: Sexual Ethics in the New Testament and Their Implications for Today

"Dr. Minor's Scared Straight has a touch of the subversive about it. Chapter by chapter the author undermines the false assumptions that prop up the roles society teaches us to play "as man" or "as woman." He urges us to throw out the old maps that caused us to lose our way and suggests some very practical guidelines for the journey towards discovering our own unique, human gifts."
-- Rev. Mel White, Founder Soulforce, author of Stranger at the Gate: Being Gay and Christian in America

Scared Straight's lessons should be taken to the polls when voting on gay marriage amendents, Kansas City Star columnist says.

Scared Straight insightfully explains Republican criticisms in the 2004 Presidential race, Kansas City Star columnist writes.

Scared Straight explains the fear used in wedge issues in politics, Kansas City Star columnist explains.

"Scared Straight is a courageous, unique, and necessary book. I use it in both introductory and advanced-level courses in Women's Studies and Sociology because Minor's analysis of how gender conditioning and homophobia affect all of us is the most thorough, engaging, and accurate rendering of these issues I have found. Students of all backgrounds love reading it because the writing is accessible, the ideas are meaningful to them and sophisticated, and it resonates deeply with their lived experiences. Finally, Minor offers much more than explanations and analyses; he offers a practical path to our full humanity, and that is the gift of hope to all of us.
-- Christine M. Robinson, Sociology, James Madison University

"Minor walks a challenging line in recognizing the connection and systemic similarity between "isms" without equating them. It is a message that we all must hear, particularly any of us who are white and play leadership roles. We must take the risk of addressing racial and economic issues to have any credibility in making change for the queer movement.
The book's success, in large part, is due to the
concrete experiences that are related with comparatively little abstract theory. As Minor
works in an institution rampant with abstract
theory, this grounding is particularly impressive.
Scholarly credibility is maintained without sacrificing accessibility.
At the same time, Minor's acknowledgment of women who have said much of this before is a step out of the expert male gender role he has been taught to play. In process, as well as content, this book models the kind of approach that is needed on a moment-to-moment basis to eliminate discrimination.
Because of sexism it is important that Robert Minor, Ph.D., tenured faculty member, says this too. Minor is, as Audre Lorde calls for us all to do, using the power he has in the service of what he says he believes."
-- Jane Ralph, Human Resources Manager, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, New York City

Scared Straight is a recommended reference.
-- Haven Counseling & Consulting Services, Nashville TN

Scared Straight is recommended for "Gay Spirituality Books"
-- Listmania by White Crane Journal

Scared Straight is a recommended reference for "Gay & Lesbian, Legal, Social, Psychological Issues."
-- Gay Christian Online

Scared Straight is a recommended reference for "Self-Acceptance of a Gay Identity: Coming Out."
-- Seventh Day Adventist Kinship

Scared Straight is recommended for "Books to Make You a Better Person "
-- Listmania by Lysander18 - therapist, activist from Kent, OH

Gay Guide Toronto (December 2002) recommended Scared Straight for holiday gift-giving. Advice columnist Enza said: "If you want to get them thinking, try Robert Minor's Scared Straight, on why it's so hard to accept gay people and why it's so hard to be human."