Faith Forum Answers of Dr. Minor

Beginning in 2010, the Lawrence Journal World, Lawrence, Kansas' daily newspaper, included Dr. Minor in its respondent pool to the questions about religion posed in its Saturday "Faith Forum" column. Since Dr. Minor taught for 33 years in the Religious Studies Department of the University of Kansas in Lawrence, his 300-word answers reflect his research, teaching, and background.

The following "Faith Forum" columns are archived and available on-line:

"What Is Your Opninion on People Gettting Ordained Online to Prerform Weddings?" —July 13, 1014

"Was Satan a Real Person?" — August 12, 2013

"Does the Bible Say Anything About Serving One's Country, as in the Military?" — November 10, 2012

"What Advice Do You Have for This Year's College Graduates?" — May 6, 2012

"How Does the Economy Seem to Affect Expressions of Faith in Your Estimation?" — February 25, 2012

"How Different Do You Think America's Religious Life Would've Been if Columbus Hadn't 'Sailed the Ocean Blue' in 1492?" — October 8, 2011

"In Your Opinion, How Have the World's Views on Religion Changed Since 9/11?" — September 10, 2011

"How Has Learning About Other World Religions Affected Your View of Your Own Faith?" — July 2, 2011

"How Important Is Religious Education a Factor in Deepness of Faith?" — January 15, 2011

"With Veterans Day in Mind, How Do War and Conflict Shape Religion?" — November 6, 2010

"Nine Years Later, How Does 9/11 Resonate in a Religious Context?"— September 11, 2010

"How Much Faith Is Truly Present in the 'Secular' World?" — August 6, 2010

"How Important Is It to Have a Working Knowledge of Other Religions?" — January 16, 2010

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