The 50PlusPrime column by Dr. Minor

Beginning in the summer of 2008, Dr. Minor's unique perspective on American culture and relationships appeared in columns on dating, romance and relationships for people over fifty written for the popular website for baby boomers originally called Experience Senior Power. In September 2008 its name was changed to and in late 2013 it re-booted completely. The site's founder and president, Tony Fama asked Dr. Minor to contribute columns to the site along with those of others after reading some of his earlier writings

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The following past 50PlusPrime columns are archived and available on-line:

"Don't Make a Breakup Worse for Yourself By Doing This" September 9, 2017

"Be Aware of What's Going On In Apologies and Forgiveness" July 14, 2017

"Right Now, Practice Giving Yourself Permission to Not Win an Argument" February 19, 2017

"We Don't Need a New Year to Take Back Our Lives" December 29, 2016

"What Is Sex For, Anyway?" — November 22, 2016

"What If We Don't Agree Politically?" — October 27, 2016

"Let's No Longer Feel Bad About How We Feel" — August 26, 2016

"If Opposites Attract, Can Differences Make It Last?" — July 30, 2016

"Is Another List the Key to the Success of Your Relationship?" — June 20, 2016

"How Is Faith a Key to Successful Relationships?" — May 15, 2016

"How Do I End This Relationship?" — April 15, 2016

"In Relationships, Humor Is a Funny Thing" —March 1, 2016

"What Really Is Successful Dating?" — February 16, 2016

"Are Our Careers the Greatest Threat to Our Relationships?" — December 2, 2015

"Do We Date to Increase Our Own Worth?" —October 6, 2015

"How LGBT Marriage Can Improve 'Traditional' Marriage" —August 4, 2015

"A Relationship Maker: The Mental Habit of Kindness" — May 26, 2015

"Never Waste Time Un-Loving Someone" — May 6, 2015

"Do We Need Counseling?" — March 4, 2015

"Is Romance in the Stars?" — January 27, 2015

"Can We Talk Honestly?" — November 28, 2014

"Oh, the 'Horror' of Dating Again!" — October 18, 2014

"Are You Angry? Are You Sure?" — September 1, 2014

"Beauty's in the Eye of a Consumer" — August 17, 2014

"Popping the Bigger Questions " — June 24, 2014

"Trying Not to Turn a Date Into an Interview" — May 30, 2014

"The Same, But Different" — May 7, 2014

"Thou Shalt Not Triangulate" — March 24, 2014

"Can You Ask for What You Really Want?" — March 4, 2014

"But, Am I Happy in This Relationship?" — February, 1 , 2014

"Thinking About Valentine's Day?" —January 16, 2014

"Are We Old Enough to Drop Expectations? — December 27, 2013 "tells the stories of baby boomers making a difference in their communities, identifies resources and services boomers are tapping for themselves and as caregivers for aging parents, and touches on the lifestyle stories specific to the nation's largest single demographic." 







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